Historical information

Hector McKenzie and Abigail (nee McLean), his wife, lived at Ullapool on the shores of Lochbroom in the far north-west of Scotland. They were married on 8 March, 1821, and had several children. Three of the children, Murdoch and his two sisters, Isabella and Lexcy, emigrated to Australia from Liverpool on the ship "Hornet" on 29 July, 1854, along with 434 other assisted passengers. They arrived at Geelong on 23 October, 1854. Later, Murdoch married a like-named Margaret McKenzie on 23 May, 1861, and had eight children. At the time as the children were thinking about branching out on their own the Otway forest was surveyed and opened for selection. In 1890/91 Murdoch, a son, Duncan, and a daughter, Abigail, selected blocks at Weeaproinah.

Physical description

McKenzie. Colin and Margaret McKenzie. Self published; Weeaproinah (Vic); 2007(?). 54 p.; Illus; maps. Soft cover. Loose-leaf A4.