Historical information

Dr Janice Newton has had a long term interest in Indigenous Studies and Aboriginality, and has published papers linking Aboriginality to the counterculture and to artists and musicians. She has published a paper commenting on Ballarat's response to the death in 1896 of King Billy, the so called 'last of his tribe'. Janice has recently taught courses on 'The Anthropology of Indigenous Art' and 'Indigenous History' at Federation University Australia.

Physical description

56 page soft covered booklet outlining the life of Ballarat's Mullawallah (also known as King Billy or Frank Wilson). Numerous photographs.

The book 'Mullawallah: The Last King Billy of Ballarat' is an initiative of Victorian Interpretive Projects. It is available for purchase for $15.00 (additional for postage). Please email [email protected] for further details.

Images include: Ercildoun, Lake Burrumbeet, Lal Lal Falls, William Buckley, Warrenheip, King Billy and his Camp in McCree's Paddock, King Billy and His Tribe, Carl Walter King Billy, Mary of Carngham, Rosa of Carngham, King Billy (Bullip Bullip), Queen Mary of Buninyong, Queen Marie of Ballarat, Queen Mary and King Billy and their original mia mia, Football at Ercildoune, Thomas Jerusalem, Samuel Wilson, Frank the last of the Ballarat Tribe, The Burial of King Billy, King Billy's Grave.