Historical information

Henry Ford set up the company Ford and Son in 1917, it later became known as Fordson. Henry had previously tried to interest the directors of the Ford Motor Co in producing agricultural machinery, but when this met with no success he set up the new company to market the tractor he had created.

Fordson: Model N
1929-32 Produced at Cork
1932-1945 Produced at Dagenham
The Fordson Model N replaced the Fordson Model F. Production of the Model N started in Cork in 1929.
Production of the Fordson Model N was transferred from Cork to Dagenham in 1932.
The Model N featured a 27 HP engine, standard rear fenders (mudguards), a higher voltage ignition system, and optional pneumatic tires.
In 1935 power take-off (PTO) was available as an option on the Model N.


Historic - Farm Machinery - Tractor

Physical description

Steel Tractor - Orange with black wheels.

Inscriptions & markings