Historical information

Possibly ex Victorian Railways Newport workshops Supplied by Bevan & Edwards Machinery Merchants, Melbourne Sebastian Lathes Described by its makers as the Utility School, Garage and Repair-shop Lathe, the machine immediately below, a Sebastian 15" (circa 1910 - 1926) was the Company's cheapest offering and, in its basic form, lacked a compound slide rest, the tailstock did not set over for taper turning and the bed lacked a gap. However, a friction-type countershaft unit was included in the price as well as a tool post, faceplate, drive plate, changewheels for screwcutting and a small tool kit. As with modern cars (especially BMW) everything worthwhile was on the options' list and by spending more it was possible to specify all those small but important extras. Although in its lowest-cost form this model was reduced to the fundamentals required for a useable, screwcutting centre (engine) lathe it was still reasonably specified and would certainly have fulfilled many requirements when installed in a school or training workshop. The true swing was 15.25", it was properly backgeared and screwcutting was through a conventional tumble-reverse mechanism that allowed both left and right-hand powered movement to the carriage by altering the position of just one lever. As standard it accepted 40" between centres, but any capacity could be ordered, in foot intervals, up to a maximum of 88" - when it is hoped that a central bed support might have been included …… The spindle, which ran in white-metal bearings, had a useful 15/8" hole and a No. 3 Morse taper centre. Some models appear to have had the leadscrew clasp-nut lever on the right-hand side of the apron, while on others it was positioned to the left.. Early Sebastian 13-inch lathe Typical of the Centre or "Engine" lathe made by many manufacturers from the late 1800s until the late 1930s, the basic flat-belt drive Sebastian, with separate countershaft, was eventually relegated to the economy end of the Company's range by the introduction of geared headstocks and self-contained motor-drive systems.


Historic - Industrial Machinery - Gap Bed Lathe - Possibly ex Victorian Railways Newport workshops - Purchased and supplied from Bevan & Edwards

Physical description

Gap Bed Lathe - Grey with raw steel parts and a timber cupboard with gears and tools.

Inscriptions & markings

Bevan & Edwards PTY,LTD Machinery Merchants Melbourne (possible government tag) 365