Historical information

This was gifted to Robin William Smallwood on his retirement. Smallwood graduated from medicine in the mid-1950s and decided to make a career in anaesthetics, was granted Fellowship in 1965, became a member of the Board of the Faculty in 1976 and became Dean in 1986-1987. It has been made by Arnold & Sons of London who were medical instrument manufacturers and became Mayer & Meltzer.

Physical description

Silver tube in two pieces, which form an innner and outer tube. The inner tube is curved with a flat plate at the top and two squared hooks (handles) coming off the plate. The outer tube has been spliced, creating two separate curved sides with an oval, bowl-like plate at the end, with an oval shaped holed punched through either side. Attached to the square hook of the inner tube is a green cotton ribbon.

Inscriptions & markings

Stamped into the bowl shaped plate: ARNOLD & SONS / SILVER