Historical information

South Street competitions have been held in Ballarat since 1991.

Physical description

Official guide to the 1907 South Street competitions.

Images include: Prince of Wales, Lord Northcote, W.D. Thomas, South Street Competition Executive Committee (W.H. Pearson, W.H. Chandler, A. Prichard, W.H. Richards, W.D. Hill, Col. Williams, W.D. Thomas, F. Besemeres, F.J. Martell, J.T. Morris. F.J. Williams, R. Maddern, R.J. Gribble), Sir John Madden, Lord Tennyson, W.D. Hill, Frederick Bevan, Ballarat (Sturt Street), Lake Wendouree (Yachts), J.W. Beswick, Lawrence Campbell, City of Ballarat Mayor and Councillor (Mayor Brawn, E. Williams, E. Morey. Cr Brokenshire, J. Whykes, J.M. Barker, G. Crocker, W.D. Hill, R. Pearse, T. Hollway), Ballarat East Mayor and Councillors (J. Gent, Cr Glendenning, J.N. Dunn, I. Pearce, C. Bunting, A. Levy, J. Ritchie, J. McNeil, A. McKenzie, Cr Penhalluriak), Sturt Street Looking West, Old Curiosity House, Entrance to the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Interior of the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Ballarat East Town Hall and Gardens, Lake Wendouree Ferry, W.E. Swenson, S.B. Swenson, J.G.M. Swenson, Rev. T. Flynn, Edwards' Pyrites, Lestor's Hotel, Sunshine Sheild, W to W Shield, Frank Herman, W.F. Coultman, Marks' Trophy, Lighthouse Port Fairy, R. Correll Music Seller, James Smith, Isaac Pitman, Arthur Brumfield, Hugh Leschen, John Robson, St Augustine's Band Geelong, Moorabool Falls, Kirks Dam, Ballarat Choral Society, Alfred Deakin, James Long, Hugh McKay

Advertisements include: Huttons the Jewellers, Sam Jamieson, Sun Foundry, City Saw Mills, Blomeley Bros Iron and Brass Founders, G. Bongiorno- Railway Fruit Palace, Henry Brind & Co., Andrew Cant, Harrison's Foundry, Umbrella and Sunshade Emporium, Ballarat City Baths, Ballarat Coffee Palace, Irwin's Provincial Hotel, Victa Studio; D. Lem Chinese Medical Practitioner, Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil, Ronaldson Bros & Tippett, Unicorn HOtel, Mrs F. Allen Caterer, Coles & Pullum, J.C. Dillon & Co., Surrey Tannery, Coulthard's Ballarat Business College, George Farmer, MrBride's Boots, L.J. Austin, Dyason's, Ballarat Brewing Company, Phoenix Brewery, Royal Standard Brewery, Edwards' Pyrites, Lestor's Hotel, Robson's College of Music, James A. Gear, Williams Shoemen, Tekardo Brothers, Powell & Co.