Historical information

Radio Telephone was minuted during the war. It was approved in 1944 for State Electricity Commission of Victoria use only. It was completed by the end of 1946. Used by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria at Bogong during the construction of the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme to connect with head office in Melbourne. It allows one conversation at a time using traffic controls in an unusual system of radio telephone providing communication. At the time it was unique in Australia and installed by the S.E.C.V. technicians. It provided an unattended shortwave radio link between two ordinary telephone switchboards, connecting any of the S.E.C.V.'s internal lines with the telephone system at Bogong and the construction camps beyond. From Bogong, radio phones connect to the outpost stations on the High Plains far above the snow-line. In operation, the service is similar to a normal telephone system but dispenses with the physical connection of wires and poles between the main terminals.


Historical: This type of headphone was recommended for amateurs. It may have been used by operators on the Switchboard at Bogong or one of the construction camps on the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme. The S.E.C.V installed this unique system of communication to operate their branches especially at Bogong and beyond where the distance was great and often limited by the terrain and weather.

Physical description

Used for a transmitter radio or Radio Telephone as installed by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria
2 round ear pieces. Outside of ear piece has the brand inscribed and 3 points where wires are attached. On opposite edges of the earpieces a metal piece with handle is attached from which the 2 earpieces are connected with curved wire covered by leather to fit on top of the head. Each earpiece has a cord hanging from the middle attachment (on the outside) which joins and then continues as one to 2 metal pins that would fit into holes in the switchboard.

Inscriptions & markings

On outside of each earpiece - 'Brunet & Co. / Paris' in oval 'Type f' underneath