Historical information

This is a special issue of the annual Orbost High School magazine. It revisits the decade 1960-1970.
The name Croajingolong derives from the Australian Aboriginal Krauatungalung words galung, meaning "belonging to" and kraua, meaning "east".
2218.1 belonged to Mary Gilbert, a former teacher at the school.


This magazine is a useful reference tool.

Physical description

Two copies of a magazine with a dark blue cover. It is titled Croajingolong Document of a Decade. On the front cover the print 1960-1970 Vol.2 No. 3 is in yellow/gold and the Orbost High School crest is on the left hand side in yellow.

Inscriptions & markings

2218.2 has autographs inside the covers.
2218.1 has the Orbost Historical Society stamp on the inside back cover.