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From the Collection of Orbost & District Historical Society Ruskin Street Orbost Victoria

A dark brown leather pair of very heavy hob-nailed boots. They have nails inserted into the soles of the boots in a regular pattern, over the sole. The toes and the heels have been strengthened with metal. The boots are made to lace up at the front.
L-290mm W-103mm H-165mm
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boots-hobnailed footwear
Historical information
Hobnailed boots are boots with hobnails (nails inserted into the soles of the boots), usually installed in a regular pattern, over the sole. They also usually have an iron horseshoe-shaped insert, called a heel iron, to strengthen the heel, and an iron toe-piece. The hobnails project below the sole and provide traction on soft or rocky ground and snow, but they tend to slide on smooth hard surfaces. They may also have steel toecaps.
When Army boots were made 100% of leather, to get some grip on the soles hob-nails were hammered into them.
These boots are an example of the foot wear worn by the e
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