Historical information

Historical: This book covers all aspects of the C.W.A. including its history. The Tawonga branch of the C.W.A. commenced on the 7th Feb. 1946 and often combined activities with the other branches in the Kiewa Valley. The C.W.A. aimed to improve health, welfare and education for women and children in the country .


Women living in Tawonga were mostly on farms and, in 1946, when the branch commenced, would have been feeling more remote with WW11 having had an effect on available workers and the well being of the women and children.

Physical description

Small 17 page book with white cardboard cover and green writing. Pages are held together with 2 staples.

Inscriptions & markings

Cover: "The Country Women's Association / of Victoria Inc. / For Country and City Women / Victoria (with logo underneath) Address and contact details beneath