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Light Bulb - S.E.C.V.

From the Collection of Kiewa Valley Historical Society Mount Beauty Information Centre 31 Bogong High Plains Rd Mt Beauty Victoria

Clear glass in the shape of a circular bulge around the filament with a metal alloy at the narrow end with 2 small rods jutting out at opposite ends to enable the light to be attached to a fitting. The filament is made of glass and has a very fine wire on each side extending nearly to the top edge of the glass globe. This fine wire is a spiral with each loop connected to each of 3 small fine wires coming up from the top centre of the glass inside.
11 cm long altogether x glass globe 19 cm circumference 11 cm circumference at end that fits the metal. End of metal is 2 cm diameter. Metal is 2.5 cm long.
Object Registration
KVHS 0583
light. electricity. globe. s.e.c.v.. kiewa hydro electric scheme.
Historical information
This globe is unusual as the filament is coiled and held by 5 points coming from the glass piece inside the globe. This light globe belonged to the State Electricity Commission of Victoria and may have been used for a special purpose on the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme.
The State Electricity Commission of Victoria built the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme using unique equipment to achieve its construction.
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27 Jul 2017 at 5:05PM