Historical information

This is a cookbook of family recipes and promotes products available for purchase at that time. The products include Kandy Koola, Nestle, Usher’s Whiskey and O.K.

Kandy Koola ran an advertisement in the West Gippsland Gazette on 2 May 1911 promoting its tea as perfect for a picnic. The text reads
“Picnicking. All as hungry as hunters – made a fire of small twigs – put on our billy of fresh spring water – and waited. Soon bubble, bubble, bubble and the billy boiled. In goes the pure Kandy-Koola Tea. Tea! Tea is not the word – it tasted like nectar! One cup, two cups, three cups – then had to make a fresh billy full. Lazed away the rest of the day sipping our Kandy Koola and chatting. How good indeed!
“All grocers sell Kandy Koola Tea. It is pure leaf, selected and blended with the greatest care and skill. Ask your grocer for Kandy Koola . Sold in three grades, i.e. red, blue and green packets”

A copy of this cookery book is in the Monash University Library’s Rare Books Collection and has a cover with red printing on a cream background. The price stamp on the corner of the cover is “One Shilling” and is under an image of a crown. The book has 71 pages.

It is listed as being published in Melbourne, 1898.

The comment given is “This is an early example of an Australian cookbook printed as a product promotion, ‘published by the proprietors of Kandy Koola Tea for presentation to the ladies of Victoria, with compliments.’ “

Flagstaff Hill also has a green Kandy Koola Tea tin in our Collection


This Kandy Koola Cookery Book is an example of the recipes, foods, manufacturers, advertisements available and used in the late 19th century in Australia’s colonial times. Food types, preparation and cooking methods show those available to housewives in those times.

Physical description

Book, cookbook, The Kandy Koola Cookery Book and Housewife’s Companion. Small book, pages bound with staples, contained in a black card cover (original outer covers is missing). Pages start at number 11, which is an advertisement for Kandy Koola Tea. The book includes a wide variety of recipes promoting products of Kandy Koola, Nestle, Usher’s Whiskey and O.K. There are pages of line drawings of a ‘Chinese Tea Plantation’ and ‘Natural Bridge in Virginia U.S.A.’ Advertisements include a drawing of a kangaroo.