Historical information

Dick Richards was a Principal at the Ballarat School of Mines. John Tippett was the President of the Ballarat School of Mines Council

Physical description

Photocopies of three letters written by Dick Richards to John Tippett.

.1) One page typed letter dated 31 October 1971. The letter relates to the Albert Medal and George Cross.

.2) One page typed letter dated 11 November 1983. The letter thanks John and Anne Tippett for their birthday wishes. It also mentions J.L. Cope and the role he played in Dick Richards recovery from severe physical collapse in August 1916. Richards writes 'he nursed by like a mother for a protracted period. ...' The letter ends with 'I ain't no bloody hero but I thought you would like to know.

.3) One page typed letter dated 03 November 1984. It is a general letter which mentions Tony Gaze, Irvine Gaze. Irvine GAZE joined the RAF during World War One and was shot down near at luftwafer camp. A German airman saw Irvine Gaze's white polar ribbon and invited him to a meal where the President was Hermann Goering. Tony Zaze was a Spitfire pilot during World War 2 and was shot down about 100 miles from where his father was shot down. He escaped with the assistance of the resistance.