Historical information

This photograph was donated by the Bread and Cheese Club, Melbourne but it is not know to what group or institution it was originally given. It is a copy of a well-known photograph of John Feltham Archibald, taken about 1910 when he was obsessed with all things French and was known at the time as Jules Francois Archibald. John Archibald (1856-1919) was born at Kildare near Geelong (so is not a native of the Warrnambool district) but he lived for some time in Warrnambool with his family. He began his working life with the Warrnambool Examiner newspaper and its successor, the Warrnambool Standard before going to Melbourne. In N.S.W. in 1880, he established with John Haynes, the Sydney Bulletin , a journal that became the most influential one of its day, promoting nationalism and fostering Australian writers and poets. He left legacies to establish the Archibald Prize for artists and the Archibald Fountain in Sydney.


This photograph of John Archibald is of some interest though it is a widely-known one and is not original. It is kept because John Archibald, a national figure in Australian History of some importance, spent his school years in Warrnambool in the 1860s and 70s where his father was a local policeman. He went to Henry Kemmis’ Warrnambool Grammar School and wrote about his time here in later years, He also commenced his career as a journalist with the Warrnambool Examiner newspaper and later the Warrnambool Standard newspaper before going to Melbourne.

Physical description

This is a black and white photograph of John Archibald, mounted on cardboard. It has been taken out of its original frame and the typed card with the original frame has been removed and attached to the back of the photograph.

Inscriptions & markings

The typed card reads: ‘J.F.Archibald, A Native of Warrnambool District. Founder of the ‘Bulletin’ School of Australian Literature, Presented by the Bread and Cheese Club, Melbourne’ (note that this contains inaccurate information in that John Archibald was not a native of the Warrnambool district)