Historical information

The Percy Uebergang family lived at Tooram Park, Allansford from 1912 until 1992. Percy and Myrtle Uebergang's children were twins, Ray and Joyce born in 1926 who lived at Tooram Park until their deaths, Ray in 1986 and Joyce in 1992. Neither Ray nor Joyce married and following the death of her brother Joyce set up the Ray and Joyce Uebergang Foundation which supports the local community.
This coathanger is part of the collection of items given into the care of the Cheese World Museum.
Cramond and Dickson was a large department store located on the corner of Liebig and Timor Streets Warrnambool trading from 1856 to 1973.

Physical description

Orange varnished curved wooden coat hanger with wire hook damaged on one end

Inscriptions & markings

Black ink engraving -Tailors & Outfitters Cramond & Dickson Warrnambool/ Made in Germany