Historical information

The lectern is said to have been used by John Flynn ('Flynn of the Inland' - 1880 - 1951) when he was stationed in the Beech Forest - Lavers Hill area prior to his being ordained as a minister of the Presbyterian Church. Flynn arrived in Beech Forest in 1903 as a home missionary, and for around two years he conducted services in homes, camps and public halls in the Otways.
In 1912 Flynn established the Australian Inland Mission, setting up hospitals and hostels across inland Australia, and inspiring the Royal Flying Doctor Service


This item was purported to have been used by Reverend John Flynn for services in various locations during his time in the Otways area prior to his more well know work in inland Australia.

Physical description

A blackwood timber pulpit with folding side panels, designed to be portable. Simple carving on centre front panel, and a lectern stand for Bible or other book.

Inscriptions & markings

Simple trefoil engraving on centre front panel. Small metal plaque reads "Lectern 1910 Lavers Hill Pres. Church. Local Timber by Tom Parsons Esq."