Historical information

Kraft Walker commenced cheese processing at Allansford in 1935 under a lease arrangement with Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory. This arrangement remained in place until Kraft officially ceased bulk cheese production at Allansford in February 1993. Kraft was responsible for farm collection of milk which was then shared between the two companies -Kraft for bulk cheese manufacture and Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory for whole milk, milk powder and butter manufacture.
Laboratory technicians tested milk and cheese during the receival and manufacturing processes to ensure a high quality product.
Derek Shaw, whose notebook this is, was the first person in charge of the Kraft Allansford laboratory. He kept notes of testing undertaken and recorded results of anything considered unusual. This notebook is one in a series of 33.
Les O'Callaghan commenced work in the laboratory as Derek Shaw's assistant and technician in charge following Derek's retirement. He too kept notebooks of test results.


Kraft laboratory technician/bio-chemist Les O'Callaghan was responsible for the introduction of a number of quality control measures which are still in use in the dairy industry today. Les was mentored by Derek Shaw. This note book provides an insight into the dairy processing industry at this period.

Physical description

Black exercise book with lined pages; white sticker on front cover showing dates used

Inscriptions & markings

LH/ 17/11/1938 / 2/5/1939