Physical description

Colour photograph. The board which was outside the QVWC building's gates on Lonsdale street. which details main groups involved in refurbishment of the building. "Principle: Office of Women's Affairs - Department of Justice. Principle Agent - Office of Building. Refurbishment Project Team. Project manager: Atkinson Project Management (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. Architects: Robert Peck won Hartel Trethowan. Conservation Architect: Meredith Gould Architects Pty. Ltd. Quantity Surveyor: Rawlinsons (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. Services Engineer: Addicoat Hogarth WIlson (Vic) Pty. Ltd. Structural/Civil Engineer: John Mulle and Partners Pty. Ltd. Landscape Architect: Elizabeth Peck, Landscape Architect. Building Certifier: Philip Chun and Associates (Vic.) Construction Manager: Kane Constructions (Vic.) Pty. Ltd."