Historical information

A pack saddle is designed to be secured on the back of a horse so it can carry heavy loads. It would rest on a saddle blanket or pad to spead the the weight of the saddle. The underside of the saddle is curved to fit the shape of the animal's back. It would be symmetrically divided by a gap at the top to ensure it does not rest on the animals' backbone and to provide ventilation.
This saddle was possible owned by the Forestry Department for use by fire spotters.


Horses played a vital role in the agricultural and transport history of Orbost. This item is connected to that role.

Physical description

A large brown leather pack saddle. The underside is curved to conform to the shape of the horse's back. It is divided into two parts for weight distribution. The upper side is like a rack for the load to rest on and for it to be tied down.