Historical information

The Woolsthorpe Primary School, number 688, commenced in the early 1860s and the bluestone building erected in 1864 still survives today. From 1893 to 1910 the Head Teacher was W.F. Jamieson and Ada Crossley, the concert singer, sang her first song in public at a school concert in Woolsthorpe. The section on the Woolsthorpe Soldier Settlement (established after World War Two), was written by James Affleck, It includes information on Coomete, Merang, Gordons, Oblong, Spring Creek, Minjah, Afflecks and Whitehead Estates. Soldier Settlements were established in Australia as a means of re-settling on the land returning soldiers from World War One. The scheme was re-introduced after World War Two with Crown Land being redistributed and some larger properties acquired and sub-divided. The Woolsthorpe Soldier Settlement farms usually had between 290 and 600 acres and were mostly used for mixed farming and sheep grazing.


This book is of interest because it has details of the history of the Woolsthorpe school and the Soldier Settlements in the area. It therefore contains much social history and documents the lives of those living in a small rural community in the 20th century and will be useful for researchers.

Physical description

This is a soft-cover book with a blue and buff- coloured front cover featuring photographs of the Woolsthorpe Primary School and the Woolsthorpe War Memorial. The back cover has photographs of the R.S.L. Badge and the Woolsthorpe Primary School. It has 160 pages.

Inscriptions & markings

Front Cover – Woolsthorpe Primary School and Woolsthorpe Soldier Settlement