Historical information

This is the handbook for the third annual Victorian Museums & Galleries Conference held in Warrnambool. The conference was run in conjunction with Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village which was celebrating its 40th anniversary. Warrnambool Art Gallery was one of the sponsors of the conference.


This handbook is of interest as it tells us of the activities and speakers at a conference which was held in Warrnambool in 2014 and which highlights particularly Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village and the Warrnambool Art Gallery.

Physical description

This is a paper back booklet of 16 pages. It is the Conference Handbook of the Victorian Museums & Galleries Conference 2014 which was held at Warrnambool in April 2014. The pages contain printed material, advertisements, the conference program and information on the conference presenters. The cover has a white background with a map of Warrnambool Bay and town (Stanley 1870) on the front cover and an advertisement on the back cover.

Inscriptions & markings

Front Cover: Museums Australia, Victoria, Victorian Museums & Galleries Conference 2014, Warrnambool 3-4 April, Museums Australia (Victoria), Conference Handbook