Historical information

From Jessie Smith's collection of Island Events & Landscapes. Ventnor State School Students.

Physical description

Grade photo mixed girls & boys in front of weather board wall - doors at right. Two girls in white with beads front row. All look very serious!! Possibly 1919 or 20 and possible list of names following: Front Row: Nancy Grayden, Alma Forde, Ivy Forde, Ethel West, Berta Grayden, Elma West 2nd Row: Teddy Chapman, Harold Jones, Len Jenner, Sid Forde, Reece Jones, Len West, Isobel Chapman, Gwen Minus 3rd Row: Bert West, Ray Jenner, Gordon West, Charlie Grachan, Allan Jenner, Isla Chapman, Estelle Grayden, Dolly Dixon 4th Row: John Minus, Rex Dixon, Ken McKindlay, Billie Hunter, Teacher - Kath Cummings, Myrtle Jones, Pearl Kent, Mabel Jones.

Inscriptions & markings

Ventnor S. S. No. 3895