Historical information

The 2/6th Commando Squadron (Australia) was one of 12 independent companies or commando squadrons raised by the Australian Army during WW2. The 2/6th served in four major campaigns - Kokoda, Buna, Markham-Ramu and Borneo and was involved in the Battle of Kaiapit. Late in the WW2 hostilities 2/6th Commando Squadron was at Balikpapan and attached to 25th Brigade to provide support to the Brigade - reconnaissance patrols, fighting patrols, ambushes and humanitarian assistance to local inhabitants. The 2/6th Commando Squadron was disbanded in 1946.
The Sword returned to Australia with a member of 2/6th Commando Squadron VX132826 W G H Burrell.
The Book Purple Devils was written by Syd Trigellis Smith in his retirement, he had served during WW2 with 2/2 Field Regiment in New Guinea.


VX132826 W G H Burrell served with the AIF during WW2 in New Guinea and posted to 2/6th Commando Squadron and was on Borneo and at Balikpapan. George Burrell was able to being back the sword at the end of hostilities.
The Book the Purple Devils is the 2/6th Commando Squadron history as interpreted by Syd Trigellis Smith.

Physical description

Book Purple Devils by Syd Trigellis, Smith, a Japanise Sword - steel blade encased in a leather scabbard and the military history of VX132826 W G H Burrell who served with 2/6 th Commando Squadron.

Inscriptions & markings

The Book - Purple Devils, a History of 2/6 Australian Commando Squadron, ISBN 064607125-4.