Historical information

The author John Goodman (1862-1935) was a professor of Engineering in the University of Leeds. He was educated at Gravesend and Cambridge, England.

The publisher firm, Longmans, Green & Co, was originally founded in 1724 in London by Thomas Longman under the name Longman. In August of that year, he bought the two shops and goods of William Taylor and set up his publishing house there at 39 Paternoster Row. The shops were called Black Swan and Ship, and it is said that the 'ship' sign was the inspiration for Longman's Logo. After many changes of name and management, the firm was incorporated in 1926 as Longmans, Green & Co. Pty Ltd. The firm was acquired by Pearson in 1968 and was known as Pearson Longman or Pearson PLC.


The book is of significance to the advancement of the study of engineering. In 1994 is was in its eighth edition and it is still being produced today.
The book is also significant for its connection to the publisher Longmans, Green and Co., of London, a firm that has been established for over two centuries, renowned for publishing encyclopedias, dictionaries, books on English grammar, textbooks, poetry, reference books, novels, magazines and more.

Physical description

Mechanics Applied to Engineering with 741 illustrations and numerous examples
Author: John Goodman, WH. SCH., M.I.C.E., M.I.M.E., Professor of Engineering in the University of Leeds
Publisher: Longmans Green & Co
Date: 1914 (eighth edition)
The logo of Longmans, Green & Co. is on the fly page. It is a line drawing of a shield above a leafy wreath border surrounding a sailing ship at sea with a plaque below. Inscriptions are on the shield and plaque.

Inscriptions & markings

Logo shield: "L & Co" [Longman Green & Co.]
Logo plaque: "1724" [date business was established]