Historical information

James Redmond Gilbert (sr) was born in 1837 at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He married Ellen Spouse. He , James Gilbert died on 26 July 1900 at Melbourne, and is buried at Boroondara Cemetery (Kew). J.R Gilbert lived at Running Creek (later Havilah) for some time, and during that time was employed in one of the bigger mines in the district. (Research by Ren at Havilah Research, 2019)

Physical description

Leatherbound ledger with hand written names, professions, residence and remarks relating to visitors to the Ballarat School of Mines.

Sample Names:
May 2 David Kerr Diamond Miner South Africa
May 2 S. R. Dodds Diamond Miner South Africa
May 3 Albert E. King Accountant Adelaide, South Australia "see signature 6 leaves back"
May 6 William Morley Wesleyan Minister Auckland, New Zealand
May 6 Rainsford Ravin Wellington, New Zealand
May 7 Frank E. Lawrence, Lake River, Tasmania
May 9 M. Richter Engineer Germany
May 9 Dr Wilhelm Landall naturalist Berlin, Germany
May 10 William Ralph Heaton Mercantile Birmingham
May 11 Arthur I. Traill Grazier Llanpollen, New South Wales
May 10 Marian Traill

July 10 Arthur W.W. Brown London
July 10 Benjamin Spargo Mining Mananger and owner Snowy Creek
July 10 Thomas Cooke Miner Ballarat
July 14 Robert H. Kenny
July 14 Mr and Mrs Buston, [Indigo Planter?] Bengal, Indonesia
July 14 Samuel H. Halker Ballarat
July 14 Charles Phelan Talbot
July 14 E. Walker Ballarat

June 30 M.N. Cooper Dunedin, new Zealand
June 30 Richard Hosking gardiner Gong Gong Well pleased with School
June 30 Humphrey John Ballarat
July 1 Cecily Gilbert Melbourne
July 1 Florence Shrivall Melbourne
July 1 [W.N. Marsh?] Colonial Secretary Hong Kong
July 1 Louis Fause Engine Driver Dunolly
July 1 John L. Bertram Blacksmith Melbourne
July 1 Thomas Eardley Coachmaker London "Exceedingly obliged to Mr Oddie for a very pleasant instruction time spent in inspection of the various scientific appliances in the Ballarat School of Mines." (Donation 2/6)
July 4 E. Goodwin [David?] Artist Spellbound
July 4 W. Glumley Station Master Murtoa July
July 4 James Thomas Miner Corrinondie, New Zealand "Very pleased with the School in all its branches. I hope to contribute to the specimen department. J.T."
July 8 Robert Wall Engine Driver

September 16 J.W. Springthorpe, M.D., Melbourne (very much pleased in every way)
September 26 M. Oddie, Ballarat

January 12 William Piekard, Leicester, England
January 12 Robert Linford, Norwich, England
January 12 H. Tipping, Draughtsman, Adelaide (Very instructive and should be taken advantage of by all who can)
January 12 Fred H.K. Dreslecher, London (ditto)
January 23 Walter Redgate, Manchester (ditto)
April 7 Annie Bellingham, Richmond
April 9 Fred Kruger, Landscape Photo, Geelong
April 14 Mary Barry, Murtoa
April 19 N.J. Tabuteau Accountant Napier, New Zealand
April 19 George N. [Baroft?] Gentleman Cheshire, England
April 21 Hon. George D'Almaine, Peer of England, London
April 21 Lord Augustus Honour
April 21 William Holt, South Melbourne
April 21 H. Bartell, Gentleman, Smythes
April 21 Fred Musgrove, Gentleman
April 21 A. Chirnside, Squatter
April 23 Alice Cravino, student, Buninyong
April 24 East Melbourne Bicycle Club
April 28 J. Kinnear, Kyneton
April 28 J.P. Kinnear, Kyneton
May 19 Bob Selby, Doctor, Ballarat
May 19 J.W.M.. Quiggin, globe trotter, Picton (NS Wales)
May 25 Arthur Night, Sutton Hotel, Ballarat (very fair)
May 28 D. Kelly, attendant, China
May 28 J. Kelly, schoolboy, China
June 1 Joseph Jelbart, Blacksmith, Harrow
September 9 David Ham, M.L.C. Ballarat ( A right to be pleased)
September 9 J.J. Green, Merchant, Adelaide (Very much pleased with my visit to this intitiution it has my hearty sympathy and appreciation, Much pleased at what I have seen its value to the community)
9 December James H. Tappin, Agent, Ballarat (very pleased with instruction

March 20 Thomas Bath Learmonth
March 20 James R. Gilbert= Miner Running Creek
March 20 C. Holtermann Out of business Adelaide

21 May Mr and Mrs Fairchild, gentleman. Yarra house, Dalgety St, St Kilda