Historical information

Number Plate 12A

Loco: 12A
In service Monday, 23rd December 1912
Livery Black with Red
Owner Puffing Billy
Gauge 762
Status Under Overhaul

Built in 1912 and painted Canadian red & dark brown, this locomotive was issued to the Colac to Crowes line, but over the years saw service on all four lines. It was withdrawn from service in 1954 at Moe and sent to Newport Workshops for storage where it remained until 1972. After overhaul at Ballarat North Workshops, it was brought to Belgrave in 1973 where it saw continuous service until withdrawn in 1982 for a complete rebuild. It was returned to service in 1992 in close to its early 1940s condition with all-over Black livery. It will be returned to its post WWI condition with low bunker, narrow ash chute, steel cowcatcher and Canadian red livery.


Historic - Victorian Railways Locomotive Number Plate used on Steam Locomotive 12A

Physical description

Number Plate 12A
Brass builders plate with black background

Inscriptions & markings