Historical information

The photo is of ‘Spenceycroft’ at 654 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. For many years this home was hidden behind a large fence sheltering it from the noise of traffic along Canterbury Road, however it dates back to the very early days of settlement in the Surrey Hills area. Canterbury Road was then known as Delany’s Road. ‘Spenceycroft’ is thought to incorporate part of the original farmhouse built on the site by George Klepper, who planted a vineyard in the area. George’s family was one of a number of German families who settled in Surrey Hills during the later part of the 19th century. Later, the land associated with ‘Spenceycroft’ was worked as a dairy farm by James and Elizabeth Rayment. In recent years 'Spenceycroft' has been sold several times and has become increasingly derelict. Sold again in 2015 when it had become quite derelict, it was demolished and re-developed.

Physical description

A black & white photo of double-fronted Victorian style home with a fountain centre front and low foliage in front of the veranda. A woman is sitting by the fountain.