Historical information

The waterbody was the site of a quarry that existed between Grovedale Road and James Street, Surrey Hills on land owned by J B Maling (senior). Clay from it was used to make bricks for local houses. The quarry became a hazard and after several drownings was filled in. The Grovedale Park now occupies the site.
Muriel Hedwig Lucy Pornitz, also known as Muriel Pornett, lived locally. She was born in Melbourne in 1894 and studied at the South Australian School of Arts & Crafts in 1911 under James Ashton and Fred Britton, and at the Australian School of Etching in Sydney. She was also an illustrator and cartoonist. She died in 1982.

Physical description

A small oil painting on canvas board in a dark wood frame of a water body with a clay bank behind and 2 trees above the bank.

Inscriptions & markings

Lower front right hand corner: "AUST. M P 1927"
On the rear upper edge, in ink on badly degraded brown paper backing: " "The Old Quarry" Surrey Hills, Melb." / [Second line of writing is illegible.]
A label is stuck to the middle section of the paper backing. It indicates that the painting was framed by Toska Art Studio (N. Cl Colliver, Proprietor) of wyndham Street, Shepparton.
Lower rear edge, in ink on badly degraded brown paper backing: "by / Muriel ...... / "Darnok", / 22 Grovedale Rd / Surrey Hills, Melb"