Historical information

The donation records indicate that this dress was worn by Georgiana Elizabeth Moore (1899-1974), who lived for most of her life in Brighton at 38 and later 40 Cochrane Street. Since the dress is of an earlier date, It is likely that it belonged to Georgiana's mother, Elizabeth Moore (1860-1950).

Georgiana was born to Richard and Elizabeth Moore in Brighton in 1899. She was named after Richard's first wife, Georgiana Leake Moore (nee Paul), who had died in 1893 aged only 38. Georgiana is recorded as having been "tall with red hair". The family moved to Diamond Creek for several years, but returned to Brighton after Richard's death in 1922. Georgiana and her mother settled in Cochrane Street, where they lived for the rest of their lives.

We know very little about Georgiana herself. Newspaper records indicate that she was a talented musician, graduating from the University of Melbourne with a diploma in music in 1927.

BHS holds a small collection of items belonging to the Moore family. This dress was donated by Georgiana's niece, Jeannette Fraser, along with two nightgowns: a c. 1880 night dress believed to have been worn by Elizabeth and a c. 1910 night dress believed to have been worn by Georgiana's sister Amelia Henrietta Fraser (née Moore) while boarding at Merton Hall (this nightdress does also show a laundry mark of G.E. Moore and so may have been worn by both women). Georgiana herself donated a number of items to the Society in 1972, including a 1920s black and white geometric loom-beaded handbag.


A good example of a princess line dress of this period in good condition and with provenance.

Physical description

A one-piece princess line dress, circa 1878-1882 of deep royal blue silk featuring Chinese-inspired self pattern. The neckline features a standing collar and is secured through the centre front from neck to floor with self covered buttons. At the front knee the fabric has been gathered and drawn to the back into a tiered fish-tail swag and trimmed with a matching blue knotted fringe. The swagging is created by interior tapes. The dress is backed with cream cotton.