Historical information

"Mr. J. B. Rankine, the inspector for the Dundas goldfield, entered upon his duties on June 4, 1897. He states that his preliminary examination of the mines in active operation on the field, which was of a hurried nature, revealed in several instances a very unsystematic method of mining, which must have been attended with grave risk to the workmen had it been allowed to continue. The underground workings in one, particular mine which he inspected, and wherein a large number of men were employed, were of such a serious and dangerous nature that immediate steps and measures had to be taken to secure the ground for the safety of the men so employed. Without entering on this occasion into the question of culpability, he desired to place on record that the manager had shown a readiness and willingness to carry out his (the Inspector's) instructions. (West Australian, 21 February 1898)

Physical description

Handwritten letter on folded, lined paper. The letter was written in Norseman and relates to school fees for the Ballarat School of Mines.

Inscriptions & markings

Oct 17 98

F.Mmaretll esq
Registrar Ballarat School of Mines
Yours of the 1st instant to hand and I have much pleasure in forwarding you a cheque for L8.8.0 the account of school fees.
Your remarks re telling the Minister are really too funny to be taken seriously. the remind one of kids at School "If you don't give me my marbles ill tell your father" however you have been very patient in the matter + I don;t grumble. Hope school is doing well + maintaining its good name,
My kind regards to proff Smith + other enquiring friends
Yours very truly
J.B. Rankine