Historical information

Thomas S. Hart was a member of the Ballarat Field Naturalists.

Inscriptions & markings

Nov 25th 91
Dear Mr Martell
I have been out at the Stony ck Basin this afternoon and have obtained several good specimens well worth coming for.
Leaves at least 5 species. Eucalyptus - another [Dicohptreter?) apparently a monocotyledon perhaps [illegible] than one species + 2 or 3 [illegible] (small) insects. At least 4 species of beetles [illegible} very good specimen insects other more doubtful [illegible] of insects - Also some plant stems layer that I had noticed before.
I intend going out again tomorrow morning and getting more specimens. There is nothing of my subjects on till Saturday. I will be at the school first thing on Saturday.
Thompson has, I think enough to keep him busy. I intend to exhibit the [illegible] at one one of the societies so as to have them recorded even if I cannot get a short [illegible] written for the meeting.
Yours sincerely
Thomas S. Hart