Historical information

'Operation Key Hold' was set up in June 1994 to establish a security network whereby (with written permission) members of the public could leave their house key at the Hospital in a safely, locked cupboard to be assessed by approved authority in case of emergency. This is similar to the emergency button (hung around the neck) which sounds an alarm at a central location and alerts appointed acquaintances for assistance - used currently (2015)


Operation Key Hold was initiated in Mt Beauty for people at risk of being unable to call for assistance. The letters and notices are examples of setting up a community organisation which began in 1994 locally and became State wide later in the form of a distress alarm which worked by radio contact to a central location.

Physical description

Typed and hand written papers including letters and notices of varying sizes referring to the setting up of 'security network' whereby a house key is left (with written permission) at the Hospital in a safely locked cupboard. This would enable appropriate authorities to render assistance if required.