Historical information

Hurley, Sir Thomas Ernest Victor (1888-1958) was gifted this Probyn Williams inhaler in 1914. After studying at Melbourne University, Victorian-born Hurley was a Medical Officer at the Royal Melbourne Hospital until he commenced private practice in Collins Street. He was appointed Captain Australian Army Medical Corps, AIF and served in Gallipoli with the 2nd Field Ambulance. He served in Enypt, London, and the Western Front during World War 1. He gained a Companion of the Order of St George and St Michael in 1917. Upon return to Melbourne he held positions such as surgeon to Victoria Police (1928-1956), elected to Council of the Victorian branch of the British Medical Association, member of the Charities Board of Victoria and foundation member of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and chaired the Flying Personnel Research Committee m a consulting surgeon at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. This apparatus is transitional between Clover's and Hewitt's having Clover's narrow "ways" and compact size, but using Hewitt's ether-control lever.

Physical description

Black round topped box with brass hooks [missing] at front and brass hinges at rear. The initials T.E.V.H. are printed in gold leaf on the front. There is a black fabric handle on the top. Inside the box is black padding with the manufacturer's logo printed in gold leaf. There is a square section in the base of the box for holding the square clear glass bottle for ether. The pear-shaped mask is made of metal. There is also a metal ether measure for pouring the ether. The metal inhaler is ovoid shaped. The rotating gauge has a series of numbers engraved onto the inhaler for measurement. There is an elbow joint attaching a re-breather bag, with a small amount of waxy paper remaining attached with a thin ribbon. There is a small glass bulb encased in a metal housing.

Inscriptions & markings

Printed in gold leaf on front of box: T.E.V.H.
•Printed in gold leaf on inside lid of box: MAYER & MELTZER / LONDON / MELBOURNE & CAPE TOWN
•Engraved on side of inhaler: PRESENTED / TO / T.E.V. Hurley Esq.,M.D.M.S. / by / THE M.S.S. / 15.6.14.
•Engraved on reverse side of inhaler: PROBYN WILLIAMS / ETHER INHALER
•Moulded into connector on elbow joint: MAYER & MELTZER
•Stamped into base of metal pourer: MAYER & MELTZER / LONDON
•Blue sticker with white printed text on front of inhaler: O.2.21.