Historical information

A keepsake badge which relates to the tumultuous period of the English royal family with the death of George V when his son Edward V111 abdicated from the throne due to his involvement with divorcee Wallis Simpson. His brother Albert was crowned as King George VI on May 12 1937. This badge is of interest as the dates are a mere two weeks before the abdication.
The Christ Church fetes and flower shows have been a part of Christ Church social and fundraising agenda since the 1890’s, with the ladies’ guild playing a large part in their organization and operation.


This object has significance as it commemorates a long running and popular event on the social and religious calendar for the parishioners and people of Warrnambool. It also is linked to an event of world- wide interest.

Physical description

Small white badge with red writing and symbol of crown in the centre. Pin at the back.

Inscriptions & markings

1936 Coronation Fair Christ Church Warrnambool Nov 25 & 26.