Historical information

The Melbourne Women's Walking Club enjoyed bush walking as a hobby travelling to the north east of Victoria, using pack horses and camping on a 9 day hike. One of the woman, 'Bill' describes each day in detail - what they did, where they went and what they saw giving an insight into walking and the Bogong High Plains in the mid 1930's before the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme opened up the area. The diary mentions a photo being taken by Mr Blackwell on the 9th day, New Year's Eve 'from a lovely bush track from which, looking back at intervals we got our final glimpse of Fainter. 5 miles from from our destination'.


Historic: This extract from the diary of 'Bill', a member of the Melbourne Women's Walking Club gives an insight into walking in the mid 1930's and describes the Bogong High Plains as it was then before it was opened up with a road built during the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme. It describes the area in summer including the flora & fauna, cattle grazing & cattlemen, the huts, the gauges set up by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria, the people working up there, the weather and the lifestyle of the walking group - their food, duties, swimming etc..

Physical description

Six double sided typed photocopied yellow pages describing the Melbourne Women's Walking Club trip to the Bogong High Plains at Christmas in 1934. Also one page photocopied of the programme for Year 1934-35 with an arrow pointing to the above trip and a page with a photocopied sepia photo of the "Melbourne Women's Walking Club / Bogong High Plains / Dec. 1934.
DVD 12 photos of the trip

Inscriptions & markings

arrow showing trip from Programme.
Title of photo "Melbourne Women's Walking Club / Bogong High Plains / Dec. 1934