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FM Phonic Ear

From the Collection of Deaf Children Australia 597 St Kilda Road Melbourne Victoria

Beige FM Microphone Transmitter with plastic loop for over the head and a small black hearing device and a microphone in the top. Individually decorated with plastic girl sticker, upside down, (put there by the wearer?)
5cmW 22cmH 3cmD
Object Registration
deaf children australia, hearing aid, auditory training device, phonic ear
Historical information
The Phonic Ear hearing aids were actually auditory trainers for children in school. This is the teachers transmitter which they would wear.
When Made
Manufactured in the late 1960s.
Made By
Phonic Ear, Inc
Inscriptions & Markings
"PHONIC EAR" "FM/MICROPHONE/TRANSMITTER" on front. "PHONIC EAR/MODEL HC4211/TYPE GODKENOT" on back. "3335 173" scratched on back.
Last updated
3 Mar 2017 at 10:12AM