Historical information

The chimney extension on what was the former Carlton and United Breweries boiler house at Ballarat installed in 1972 and it is constructed of a special formulation of fibreglass reinforced plastics designed to
operate at elevated temperature (ie boiler flue gas). It is thought to be one of 26 or 28 fibreglass boiler chimneys designed and installed in Victoria in the 1970s, and is thought to be one of the last to be removed. In its day the fibreglass chimney extension was at the cutting edge of fibreglass technology and is therefore well worth retaining.

Removal of the chimney extension to the brick chimney outside the brewery building was deemed necessary to prolong the life of the chimney, and also because the fibreglass extension had reached end of life and posing a possible threat. According an Engineering assessment, fibreglass structures have a life expectancy of between 20 years (when fatigue loaded) and up to 100 years (static loaded). We don’t know when it was added to the chimney but believe it was most likely in the early 1970s. Given that it is subject to wind load and often observed to be moving in the wind it is likely that it will be at the end of its life.

The chimney will be made good and we have the necessary planning approvals in place to undertake the works.

The chimney extension was removed on 13 November 2015 in accordance with a planning permit obtained by the University. The extension is believed to have been added in the 1970s and was predominantly made from fibre glass. The structure was removed for safety reasons and to preserve the integrity of the historic brick chimney which supported it.

Physical description

Coloured digital photographs associated with the removal of a fibreglass extension to a chimney which was part of the Former Ballarat Brewery/Carlton and United Breweries complex. Images also include the last day the chimney was in situ.