Historical information

Awarded to Mrs Eva Snow. Mrs Snow was born Eva Williams, on 5 August 1901, in Octavia Street, St Kilda. As a girl she attended the Windsor Methodist Church in Upton St with her parents, her sisters and brother. She also went to the sunday school there. Her grandfather, Mr Kingham, was the Superintendent. If a student attended Sunday School for a full year without missing once, they were awarded a silver star. For 4 years perfect attendance the gold star with laurel wreath was awarded. Eva was awarded hers when she was about 11 years old. Eva moved to Murrumbeena with her family and joined the Methodist Church, then a small wooden building in Dandenong Road. In 1998 she was a member of St Giles Uniting Church, Murrembeena.

Physical description

B066 Star shaped with wreath behind award.

Inscriptions & markings