Historical information

The bulk of World War One soldiers from Koroit were Protestant. It was a traumatic and divisive time for the Koroit Community based on religion, which was put behind them after the conclusion of the war. The Koroit War Memorial was not built until 1928. HONOR AVENUE AT KOROIT. Last year one side of Albert-street, Koroit was planted with plane trees, with strong guards, in honor of the men who had gone to the front from Koroit and district. The trees were planted rather late in the season, but fortunately there were only two failures, and the remainder are now higher than the guards. This year, the committee appointed decided to do the work earlier, and the King's birthday was set apart for it. On Saturday afternoon, states our correspondent; a lot of the preliminary work was done and on Monday some 30 residents assembled and went to work and by tea time the whole of the 52 trees and the guards were finished. There are 52 trees on each side of the street planted at intervals of 15 yards so that the avenue is about 800 yards long, running from the Botanical Gardens to the Lake Bank, and in a few years, when the trees are well grown, there will the a magnificent avenue. The weather was beautiful, and during the afternoon number of ladies were present. The ladies brought baskets of good things, and afternoon tea was provided at Mr. W. J. Stevenson's residence, which is situated about mid-way in the avenue. A suggestion has been made that the name of the street should be changed to "Anzac Avenue."' (Warrnambool Standard, 6 June 1918.)

Physical description

The Koroit War Memorial on the edge of the Koroit Botanical Gardens.