Historical information

The Warrnambool Rowing Club was formed in the 1880s when there was a renewed interest in rowing and many young men were taking up competitive rowing. The Warrnambool Rowing Club used the new boatsheds erected in 1885 by Fanny Nelson near the mouth of the Hopkins River where the Hopkins Hotel was operating (Simpson Street). This badge belonged to a member (number 333) in the 20th century but the name of the owner is unknown.


This badge is of interest but has no provenance so is useful for display purposes only

Physical description

This is a small metal badge enamelled in blue and silver. It has a loop at the top for attachment to a chain or pin and a hole at the bottom – another attachment device. The back is gold-sprayed.

Inscriptions & markings

Front: City of Warrnambool Rowing Club, W.C.C. logo , ‘By These We Flourish’
Back: Not Transferable, 333, Taiwan