Historical information

This is a brochure commemorating the arrival in Australia of John and Isabella McLeod and the unveiling of a plaque at the Immigrants Wall in Portland in 2015. The Immigrants Wall is located in Bentinck Street in Portland, Victoria and was a Glenelg Shire Bicentenary Project to enable descendants of those who first set foot on Australian soil at Portland to commemorate this event by placing a memorial plaque on the wall. John and Isabella McLeod were two of these immigrants to come to Portland in 1854. They came from the Isle of Raasay in Scotland and they and their families settled in areas around Warrnambool (Purnim, Port Fairy, Framlingham, Rosebrook etc)


This brochure is of some interest as giving some information on John and Isabella McLeod and their families who came to Portland in 1854 and settled in areas around Warrnambool. These McLeods are ancestors of Graeme McLeod, a Warrnambool and District Historical Society member

Physical description

This is an A3 sheet folded three times. It has printed information on the Immigrants Wall at Portland and on John and Isabella McLeod. The front page has an outline of the McLeod tartan and the clan badge. The pages include colour photographs and a McLeod family tree.

Inscriptions & markings

Front page: ‘McLeod, John & Isabella, Commemoration of arrival in Australia, 1854, 7 June 2015, Immigrants Wall, Portland’