Historical information

This is the program for the exhibitions and activities conducted by the Art Gallery of Ballarat in the winter of 2015. It includes the exhibition of the works of James Meek, of particular interest to Warrnambool as Meek was resident there for a number of years in the 19th century. The Ballarat Art Gallery is the largest and oldest regional art gallery in Australia, being established in 1884.


The booklet is of interest as it shows the depth and variety of exhibitions and activities held at a regional art gallery. It includes the exhibition of the works of James Meek, a 19th resident of Warrnambool where he was well-known as a fishing company operator, a punt operator, a fisherman, a writer and lecturer and a gold prospector in the Otway Ranges. His calligraphy works are of great interest, both artistically and historically and one of his works belonging to the Warrnambool and District Historical Society was loaned to Ballarat for this exhibition.

Physical description

This is a booklet of 32 pages containing the program of the Art Gallery of Ballarat for Winter 2015. It contains logos of sponsors, a floor plan of the gallery, black and white and colour photographs and sketches and printed material on each exhibition. The cover has a reproduction of an image from Norma Redpath’s ‘Flight From Jerusalem’ art work.

Inscriptions & markings

Front Cover: ‘Art Gallery of Ballarat, Winter 2015’