Historical information

The Red Cross was formed in the 19th century as a service organization dedicated to helping those in need. The Australian Red Cross was established in 1914 and the Warrnambool Red Cross was established in the same year. Wangoom Red Cross was established at a later date. The recipe booklet was a means of funding the organization and utilizing the culinary knowledge and skills of the local women. Wangoom is a small settlement on the northern fringes of the city of Warrnambool.


This booklet is of some interest as an example of the fund-raising methods used by the Wangoom Red Cross. It also shows the type of cakes and ingredients popular in 2013 (eg blueberries, muffins, mud cakes )

Physical description

These are three A4 pages folded to make 12 pages of printed recipes. The printing is black type on white paper with black and white sketches related to cookery. The pages are stapled.

Inscriptions & markings

Front page: ‘Australian Red Cross, Wangoom Branch, 2013 Coffee and Cake Recipes’