Historical information

This letter written by Mary Adams concerns the sale of a property, ‘my Hopkins land’, perhaps in the Warrnambool area. No information is available on Mary Adams or her ‘Uncle Jim’. There is a reference in the letter to ‘Mr Lawson’ and this may refer to a member of the Lawson family living in Warrnambool about this time, perhaps Richard Lawson who, in 1908, was Principal of a private school, Warrnambool College Academy. The Mountain Grand Guest House in Warburton was a well-known guest house in Victoria for many years and was still in existence in 1948. The letter came to the Society’s collection with other material relating to the Warrnambool Club.


As no enlightening information is available on this letter or its contents it is of little importance at this time. Further research may render it a useful item to keep.

Physical description

This is a letter of two pages written in 1908 by Mary Adams to her Uncle Jim. The letter is handwritten in black ink. The letter is written on the green notepaper of the Mountain Grand Guest House Warburton, Victoria

Inscriptions & markings

‘Mountain Grand, Warburton’ (on letterhead)