Historical information

This is a docket issued by the Warrnambool Cordials Pty Ltd in 1935 to the Warrnambool Club. Warrnambool Cordials was originally established in the early 1920s by the Lescai brothers who had their cordial business in Fairy Street. A company of local businessmen took over the cordial factory for some time after the Lescais left the city, then it was purchased by a garage proprietor, Thomas Hill, and in the early 1930s Charles and Frederick Flett purchased the business and carried it on for a few years. It was later operated by Thomas McKenzie before it was closed. It was still operating in 1975 when it was manufacturing both Loys and McKenzie’s soft drinks. It is noted that this docket contains the information that the Warrnambool Cordials business was a winner of a Bronze Medal for lemonade at the Royal Show in 1931. The Warrnambool Club, established in 1874 when the Warrnambool Club Hotel in Kepler Street was opened, was a gentlemen’s club. A new Warrnambool Club building in Kepler Street was erected in 1877 and is still in use today.


This original docket is of interest as it is an example of the type of purchase made by the Warrnambool Club in 1935 and the type of docket used by the firm of Warrnambool Cordials.

Physical description

This is a docket printed on cream-coloured paper with blue print and lines. The details of the sale are written in pencil.

Inscriptions & markings

Written material: ‘Mar.12, 1935, W’bool Club, W’bool, 2 doz, 5/-, 1½ doz., 3/-, 8/-‘