Physical description

Wooden notice board with inscription featuring names of the winners of the annual table tennis competition

Inscriptions & markings

MHTOSC/ Table Tennis/ Championship/ Year champion/ runner up/ 1952 L. Jamieson W Davies/ 1953 W. Y. Wilson K.R Trueman/ 1954 J. N Hosking K.R Trueman/ 1955 M.J Jewell J.M Alexander/ 1956 W.Y Wilson I/S Gaskell/ 1957 W.Y Wilson R.J Hardy/ 1958 M.J Jewell W.Y Wilson/ 1959 M.J Jewell W.Y Wilson/ 1963 K. Walsh M.J Jewell/ 1964 K Walsh R. J Austin/ 1965 R. J Austin R.S Kirkwen/ 1966 B.J McCarthy M.J Jewell / 1967 M.J Jewell B.J McCarthy / 1968 R.S Kirkwen R. J Austin / 1969 R.S Kirkwen R. J Austin/ 1970 R.S Kirkwen M.J Jewell/ 1971 R.S Kirkwen D.W Fowler/ 1976 D.W Fowler R.S Kirkwen/ 1986 J.D Leahy R. J Austin/ 1987 R.S Kirkwen R. J Austin/ 1988 R.S Kirkwen J.D Leahy "

PMA 0363