Historical information

This machine was used by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria on the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme by office workers who worked in the payroll office.


The State Electricity Commission of Victoria used the latest technology available for office equipment on the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme. This machine was used in the payroll office.

Physical description

Black metal table with machine on top. Electric motor with belt drive to machine which is situated under the rear left side of the table. Safety metal mesh protects the leather belt and is at the rear of the table. The operator faces the machine which has a tray on the left and is divided longitudinally into two and holds new shiny metal plates on each side. There is a brown bakelite wheel on the left and two printing wheels inside a myriad of moving parts that enable the metal plates to be embossed with payroll information i.e. "Gang No. etc. / Names / Pay No. / Rate type. This has to be checked out each time / Date

Inscriptions & markings

"ULQ 11 10"