Historical information

Glen Eira has a long history of association with various heraldic forms. From its early years the municipality of Caulfield had used the armorial bearings of the Caulfield Family (the Charlemonts of Castle Caulfield) to represent the roads board and later the town and city. In 1969 Caulfield City Council began planning to apply for an official coat of arms for the City. In 1974 Horace Hall, a Balwyn North resident and member of the Heraldry Society in London advised Council that the current usage was illegal, and that the Houston family, current owners of the Caulfield Arms could take legal action against Council for 'usurping their arms'.

Mr Hall was commissioned to develop new heraldry for the City, and in conjunction with J. P. Brooke Little at the College of Arms, London, he prepared an acceptable design for Caulfield's Coat of Arms. The Council paid an additional sum to have a standard painted on the Letters Patent and the municipality's new coat of arms was drawn up in June 1975. The Coat of Arms retains a number of heraldic elements from the original Caulfield family insignia, including the dragons, the colours and the elements of the shield.

The newly registered coat of arms and Letters Patent document for the granting of arms was presented at a civic service to mark the granting of armorial ensigns and the city banner to the City of Caulfield on the 1st May 1977.

Significant elements of the coat of arms granted by these Letters Patent are as follows:

The motto 'Labore Vinces' translates to 'By our labours we will conquer'.
The helmet represents the rank of the owner. Public authorities are granted an esquire's helmet.
The brickwork on the crest is a recognised emblem of local government.

The Letters Patent also display a banner and a badge, both official symbols of the City of Caulfield. The badge, which is displayed on the banner as well as on its own, features a bridled horse. This represents the importance of racing, the Caulfield racecourse and the Caulfield cup to the municipality.


These letters patent officially proclaim the granting of the coat of arms to the City of Caulfield. They are highly significant to the City of Glen Eira as they are the primary document that signifies the official and ceremonial heraldic powers of the Coat of Arms of the City of Caulfield.

Physical description

Mounted Letters Patent illuminated document for the Grant of Arms to the City of Caulfield presented on 1st May, 1977. Hand written and hand painted on cream coloured parchment using different coloured inks, mainly black, blue, red and gouache and gold paint. The bottom edge is folded up over itself approx. 45mm revealing the flesh side of the parchment, which displays black ink signatures and three sets of two horizontal slits that hold three blue ribbon. The ribbons support three wax seals in round, gold coloured metal cases held by the wax through slots in the casing. Although covered by the cap top, each wax seal within displays a different flag emblem with a crown on top, surrounded by a ring of text (difficult to read), noted when the cases were opened during conservation treatment.

Inscriptions & markings

See attached transcription.