Physical description

Black hard covered book with red spine, holding Victorian Education Gazettes for one calendar year.
.1) 1910
.2) 1912
.3) 1911
.4) 1914
.5) 1918

Images: Open Air Classroom Black Rock; Open Air Classroom, Jeetho, Gippsland; Open Air Nurses bedroom, Mildura; Gym at Canterbury School ; Babies and Nurses at Melbourne Foundling Hospital; Camp at Portland; Alexander Peacock Opens a Melbourne School; Unveiling Major Mitchell Memorial at Mt Arapiles; Agricultural Plot; School Interior; Swimming Drill; Graham Dux Prize Board; Bathing Place; Classroom with blackboard and pictures; Major Mitchell's Map; Melbourne, Derbyshire; Market Place Melbourne; The Blackwood; World War One Send-off at The Athenaeum; Scarsdale Old Boy's logo; Sloyd articles for the Field Hospital; World War One; Gifts for Transport to the Wharf; soldiers; ANZAC Day; ANZAC Day Medalion
.5) 1915: Education Department's War Relief Fund, William Park obituary, Closer Settlement Act 1912, Agriculture, needlework, Swimming and Life Saving, explorers, Gregory Blaxland, Matthew Flinders, Composition, Geography, potatoes, onions, gardens, Needlework for Infants, Iona and Staffa, Trained Primary Teacher's Course, Electricity, Electrical Technology, hygiene, Arbour Day, Horticulture, Wattle Day, Bird Day, Technical Schools, Landing at Gaba Tepe, Evils of Alcohol, Old Boys of Scarsdale, Belgium, Teachers' College

Images: The British at War, The Sonnet, History and Patriotism, Male Swimming Teachers Summer School at Geelong, Women Swimming Teachers at Port Fairy, Buln Buln State School, Burwood East State School, needlework plans, methods of Rescue and Resucitation. plan of the journey of Gregory Blaxland, Macquarie House, teachers killed (William Ross Hoggart, Stanley Robert Close, William Roy Hodgson, Campbell McDiarmid Peter, William Henry Dawkins, William Hugh Hamilton, Frederick McRae Neal, Vernon Brookes, Frank J. Olle, Alfred J. Collins, Ernest R. Fairlie, William J. McLaren, A.E. Smith, Thomas Patton, Francis W. Kemp, Frederick G. Hall, Rupert O. Hepburn, Woolston J. Govan), Frederick Harold Tubb VC, Botanic Gardens Red Gum, Shelter Pavillions, Head of Wheat, Australian Commonwealth Flag, Iona Cathedral, Drawing exercises, ANZAC Madallion, School Rolls of Honor

.6) 1916 - Nature Study, war relief, school gardening, horticulture, singing class, geography of the war, School Rolls of Honour, Ponsonby Carew-Smyth, Astronomy, ANZAC Day, Empire Day, Arbor Day, "Some Suul of Goodness in Things Evil" by Frank Tate, War Relief Gardeners' League, ANZAC Day medallion, Solar System, Abolition of German Schools in Victoria, ANZAC Avenues, avenues of honour, Geography of the War: The West, War relief and handwork, Victorian State Schools Horticultural Society, Patrick Maloney obituary, formalin lamps, Victoria League of Victoria, Wonwondah East Roll of Honor
Images - Teachers killed (John Clarke, A.C.H. Jackson, Alexander Robertson, Noel Gambetta, Ralp E. Leyland, Laurance J. Woodruff, Walter E. Cass, Percy D. Moncur, Thomas M. Carmichael, Edward G. Brain, Reginald N.F. Woods, George E. James, William Colvin, David Dobson, Stanley L. Robinson, Charles Allen, G.E. James, H.F. Curnow, Franl L. Cousins, James R. Thompson, Henry H. Campbell, George E. Read, Ernest D. Morshead, Wilfred S. Merlin, Henry R. Wright, George B. Webb, Noel Nicholas, David H. Thomas, Charles A. Levens, Thomas R. Fenner, John M. Daniell, P.J. Larkin, Ralph Smith, Philip Ormsby), school rolls of honour, Swimming Instructors at Queenscliff, The Southern Sky, Map of the North Sea and its Littorals, Easter School of Horticulture at Oakleigh, Map of the Eastern Front, Map of Mesopotamia, Map of the War Area in the Egyptian Campaign, leeches for the Melbourne Hospital
.7) 1917 - Swimming and Life-Saving, Childre's FLower Day, Education Department's War Relief Fund, State War Council, Horticulture, Bird Day, Swimming, Growing Chicory at Cowes
Images - Teachers killed during World War One (G.M. Nicholas, William C.W. Spencer, J.W.C. Profitt, Ivon C. Bromilow, John Colwell, Robert W. Campbell, Arthur P. Bourchier, Francid G. Houston, Claude N. Harrison, Edgar Williams, Leslie A. Stevens, Charles E. W. Chester, Stanley R. Green, Walter Baker, Arthur G. Scott, Harry L. Swinburne, Horace W. Brown, Arnold Bretherton, Edward W. Jenkins Aubrey Liddelow, Ewen A. Cameron, Edmund R. Lyall, John H. Martin, Harry Bell, Frank L. Nicholls, Melville R. Hughes, Edwin W. Hauser, Walter S. Filmer, Walter G. Barlow, Henry A. Donaldson, Edward H. Jones, Walter W. Raw, Alfred W. Dean, Wiliam Lea, Frederick G. Drury, J.T. Richards, Norman G. Pelton, Lance-Corporal Doran, Kenneth F. McKenzie, William F. Robertson, Wiliam Jarrott, Norman Graham, George G. Paul, Victor Green, Arthur William Rennie, Alfred J. Glendinning, Robert B. Liston, Eward P. Toll, George Jones, Errol E. Rodda, Christian P. Christensen, Charles F. Sydes, H.G. Clements, Norman C. Fricker, J.M. Romeo. Eric N. Lear, Thomas J. Bartley, Norval Birrell, Frederick H. Tubb. J.T. Hamilton Aram, Arthur Wilcock, William M. Conroy, Alex. H. Miller, Patrick J. Cunningham, Charles S. Mitchell, John R. Maddern, James Roadknight, Harry Arundel, Jack C. McKellar, duncan M. McKellar, George S. Manfield, Edgar C. Holmes, George A. Young, Raymond A. Gardiner, William B. Bell, William Opie, George R. Scott, Richard V.B. Vine, Herbery S. Marshall, Hugh St Omer Dentry, George B. Fullerton, Harry Oulton, Iva F. Morieson), School Honor Books, Drawing, Presentation of 30,000 pounds to the British Red Cross at Melbourne Town Hall

.8) 1918

.9) 1919 - Photographs of World War One soldiers from the Education Department, Margaret Montgomery Memorial, 1918 Act relating to State School Teachers, State Scolarships, Victorian State Schools' Horticultural Society, Pneumonic Influenza, Spanish Flu, epedemic, swimming and life savinfJunior cadet training, vacancies in Fiji, School Committees, Arbor Day, Arbour Day, Henry Harding of Yinnar, Planting Trees and Shrubs, Juvenile Crime, The use of 'Get', Soldier-Teachers from Overseas in Congress London, Australia's Effort in the War, Military, Working Bees, Tree Planting, fence building, Welcoming Home a Returned Soldier, Avenue of Honour planting, Discipline, Unveiling an Honor Board, School gymnasium, school tennis court, E. E. Crogger grave at Aldershot, The School Honor Book. War Relief Fund, Commonwealth War Record, Caulfield Military Hosptial, ANZAC Day Pilgrimage, Jimmie Panikin, Donald Fraser, Arthur Mee, Card Sun Dial, Balboa Day in Honolulu, William Hamilton, Alfred Jackson, The Backward Child, Flies, Language Teaching and Learning, Spelling, The Education of the Adolescent,