Historical information

Premier Town Awards are awarded by the Victorian State Government to regional communities that best protect and enhance their environment. The award recognizes success in litter prevention, waste management and environmental projects and community group and individual efforts are taken into account in this regard, Warrnambool has won the award three times (1958, 1979-82 and 1988-1991).


These items are of interest as examples of the souvenirs distributed to celebrate Warrnambool’s being awarded the title of Premier Town of Victoria in the 1970s and the late 1980s. Bruce Rogers, the recipient of the brass plaque and Director of the Premier Town Campaign in 1979-82 was a Warrnambool businessman, City Councillor (1965-9) and a Lawn bowls player of note.

Physical description

Three items-
1. Five Premier Town 1988-1991 paper stickers – circular with black printing and blue and green colouring in the Premier Town design
2. Premier Town 1979-82 shield-shaped cloth badge with black printing and blue and green stitching of Premier Town design (in plastic folder accompanied by paper backing with name of supplier)
3. Premier Town 1979-82 brass plaque Sporting Award etched with name of Bruce Rogers, Hon. Director

Inscriptions & markings

1. Warrnambool Premier Town, 1988-1991, Victoria
2. Warrnambool Premier Town, 1979-82 Vic.
3. Warrnambool Premier Town, 1979-82, the 1979-82 Premier Town Sporting Award, Bruce Rogers, Hon. Director